- The Quest for The Sound -

An immersive virtual journey through the peculiar history of Niagara Moon

An online musical experience unlike any you've seen before.
Completely optimized for the most daring and adventurous of fans.

Hear the stories, the songs, all the secret bonus goodies.
Totally free, and delivered right to your inbox...

Well hello there. I'm Thomas.

If you're reading this far, you probably have some questions.

What is this? A Quest? A Sound? An online experience?
Yep, yes, and affirmatory. Allow me to explain further.

You may have just stumbled upon my music recently.
However, I've been composing, conducting, and otherwise reveling in the wonder of music-making for nigh on a decade. (Nay, perhaps longer!)

This has all been part of my ceaseless Quest for the perfect Sound. Always changing, always evolving. The creative process is really somethin' else...
And I'd love to share with you what I've gleaned!

I've worked in so many different settings, mindsets, and even continents, it makes my own head spin.

And in the wake of 2020 (the year of sitting around indoors reflecting), I've woven this long musical journey into a little story for your enjoyment.

The Quest for The Sound is an 5-chapter virtual guided tour through my entire catalog of song. Starting with my Japanese band that you probably didn't even know about. Hah!

Basically, the skinny is that starting on April 1st, you'll get an email a day for five days.
Each message will contain a link for the chapter of the day. There are free downloads, stories, music vids, video journals, podcasts, and more. Even some exclusive offers and schweet discounts...

If you're a Niagara Moon fan, this is the #1 most immersive & fun experience you could hope for. I can't wait to see you inside, and even chat with you bout the whole thing!

And like I've said, it's free of charge...

After all, you won't be the only Moondog there...

More features of the Quest:
DOWNLOAD FREEBIES! Obtain a personally curated, high fidelity "Best of Niagara Moon" compilation. A retrospective 10-song collection available only through the Quest...
Bonus multi-media content galore including behind-the-scenes footage, chords & lyrics, song demos, and more.
Exclusive offers and discounts on extra Niagara Moon merch...

my dog Rudi will even be there...

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